Temporary Foreign Worker


Currently we have 3 spots available on our LMIA. We have several applicants so please pay attention to the criteria needed to apply.

MUST have minimum 1 year experience with livestock

MUST have a CV or Resume that can be sent to justin@schootenandsons.com

MUST have basic English 

If applying under NAFTA (Must have proof of education – diploma or letter from University or College saying you graduated in any agriculture related course) 

We deal with a third party immigration company. If you are interested please first send me a resume and I will forward it onto the company that will start the process to get you working in Canada

Please only send one resume. I will contact you if you are a potential candidate for the position

If you have need more information on the TFWP or NAFTA program please click on the highlighted links.

Thank You

Justin Schooten